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Xerox WorkCentre Pro 420

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Xerox WorkCentre Pro 420 Manuel de service

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Xerox WorkCentre Pro 420 Service Manual

This Service Documentation contains diagnostic, repair, and maintenance information, which has been designed to assist the Service Representative in the isolation and repair of faults as well as maintenance of the Printer/Copier.

This documentation assumes that the user is familiar with the electrical and mechanical standards that are commonly used throughout industry, as well as certain Xerox design and documentation conventions. This documentation also assumes that the user has successfully completed any required training and is familiar with the use of any special tools that are required to service this product.

This documentation is divided into six sections. In addition to the Introduction, the following sections are contained within this documentation.

Section 1 - Service Call Procedures
Section 2 - Status Indicator RAPs
Section 3 - Image Quality RAPs
Section 4 - Repair/Adjustment Procedures
Section 5 - Parts List
Section 6 - General Procedures/Information
Section 7: Wiring Data (Optional)


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