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Xerox Phaser 7760 Color Laser Printer

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Xerox Phaser 7760 Color Laser Printer Manuel de service

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The Phaser 7760 Color Laser Printer Service Documentation is the primary document used for diagnosing, repairing, maintaining, and troubleshooting the printer.

Section 1 Service Call Procedures
This section contains procedures that determine what actions are to be taken during a service call on the machine and in what sequence they are to be completed. This is the entry level for all service calls. This section covers the General Startup, PostScript, and Power Supply Operations of the printer to aid in troubleshooting not associated with an error code or Front Panel error message.

Section 2 Status Indicator RAPs
This section contains the diagnostic aids for troubleshooting the Fault Code and non-Fault Code related faults (with the exception of image quality problems).

Section 3 Image Quality
This section contains the diagnostic aids for troubleshooting any image quality problems, as well as image quality specifications and image defect samples.

Section 4 Repairs/Adjustments
This section contains all the Repairs and Adjustments procedures.
Repairs include procedures for removal and replacement of parts which have the following special conditions:
When there is a personnel or machine safety issue.
When removal or replacement cannot be determined from the exploded view of the
Parts List.
When there is a cleaning or a lubricating activity associated with the procedure.
When the part requires an adjustment after replacement.
When a special tool is required for removal or replacement.
Use the repair procedures for the correct order of removal and replacement, for warnings, cautions, and notes.
Adjustments include procedures for adjusting the parts that must be within specification for the correct operation of the system.
Use the adjustment procedures for the correct sequence of operation for specifications, warnings, cautions and notes.

Section 5: Parts Lists
This section contains the Printer and Finisher Parts Lists.

Section 6: General Procedures/Information
This section contains General Procedures and Diagnostic Programs.

Section 7: Wiring Data
This section contains drawings, lists of Plug/Jack locations, and diagrams of the power distribution wire networks in the machine. Individual wire networks are shown in the Circuit Diagrams contained in Section 2. This section also contains the Block Schematic Diagrams.

Section 8: Theory of Operation
This section contains detailed functional information on the print engine components.


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