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Toshiba Strata CTX DKT3000 DKT2000

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Toshiba Strata CTX DKT3000 DKT2000 Guide utilisateur

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Toshiba Strata CTX DKT3000 DKT2000 Series Digital Telephone User Guide
4016229 Version C
October 2002

DKT3000-series Telephones
• DKT3010-S 10-button
• DKT3020-S 20-button (shown on the next page)
• DKT3010-SD 10-button with two-line by 24-character LCD
• DKT3020-SD 20-button with two-line by 24-character LCD
• DKT3014-SDL 14-button with eight-line by 24-character tilting LCD and 16 Soft
Key buttons

DKT2000-series Telephones
• DKT2010-S 10-button speakerphone
• DKT2010-SD 10-button with LCD
• DKT2020-S 20-button
• DKT2020-SD 20-button with LCD (shown below)
• DKT2020-FDSP 20-button with LCD and External Microphone jack
• DKT2001

Organization. vii
How to Use This Guide. viii
Conventions viii
Related Documents/Media..ix
Chapter 1 – The Grand Tour
DKT3000-series Telephones ..1
Fixed Buttons..2
Flexible Buttons.3
Liquid Crystal Display3
DKT2000-series Telephones ..4
Fixed Buttons..5
Flexible Buttons.6
Liquid Crystal Display6
Chapter 2 – The Basics
Important - Read First .7
What’s My Line? ..7
Which Outgoing/Incoming Call Features Do I Have? ..8
Making a Call..9
Hot Dialing ..9
Spkr Button..9
Handset ..9
Answering a Call.10
Handset 10
Speaker 10
Handsfree Answerback10
Switching Between Handset and Speakerphone.10
Message Waiting.11
Responding to a Lit Msg LED.11
Turning On/Off Message Waiting LED on Another Extension .12
Microphone 12
Call Transfer .13
Conference Calls .14
Adding Voice Mail to a Conference.15
Connecting Two Outside Lines ..15
Exclusive Hold.16
Automatic Hold ..16
Consultation Hold..16
Volume Control ..17
LCD Contrast Adjustments17
Chapter 3 – Advanced Operation
Using Your LCD.19
Soft Keys.20
Soft Key Example..21
Advisory Messages 22
Account Code Calls ..23
Verified/Non-Verified Account Codes23
Forced Account Codes.23
Voluntary Account Codes (Verified/Non-Verified).24
Automatic Busy Redial 25
Automatic Callback ..26
Background Music .27
Call Forward .28
Station ..28
Station Call Forward Categories.29
Call Forward Settings ..29
Station Call Forward Procedures 30
Call Forward Examples ..31
Call History35
Call Park Orbits35
Call Pickup.36
Group Pickup36
Page/Internal Call Pickup ..37
Call Waiting ..38
Direct Inward System Access (DISA) .39
Direct Station Selection Buttons (Hotline) 39
Distinctive Ringing 40
Do Not Disturb.40
Setting DND for Another Extension.41
Door Lock(s) .41
Door Phone(s) ..42
Emergency Call43
Emergency Monitoring Station43
Emergency Ringdown..43
Language Codes..44
Microphone Cut-Off .44
Off-hook Call Announce.45
Override Calls ..46
Busy Override..46
Do Not Disturb Override 46
Executive Override 47
Destination Restriction/Traveling Class Override.47
Class of Service Override ..48
Privacy Override.48
Paging ..48
Answering a Page ..49
All Call Page.49
Emergency Page .49
Privacy .50
Redial 50
Speed Dial ..51
Making a Call Using Speed Dial 51
Storing a Station Speed Dial Number..52
Advanced Speed Dial Operation 53
Tone/Pulse Dialing.54
Voice Mail - Direct Transfer.55
Voice Mail Soft Keys55
Call Recording .59
Other Voice Mail Features.60
Chapter 4 – DKT3014 LCD Features
Directory and Speed Dial Listings.62
Direct Station Selection ..62
System Speed Dial and Personal Speed Dial63
Internal Directory and External Directory.63
Storing Personal Speed Dial Names .64
Chapter 5 – User Programming
Programming Feature Buttons .67
User Programming Mode ..68
Flexible Button Codes..68
Setting/Changing a Flexible Button’s Function .69
One Touch Buttons 70
Changing a One Touch Button 70
To Use a One Touch Button .71
Setting/Changing a Personal Speed Dial Code71
Feature Codes72
LED Indicator Details ..76
Chapter 6 – DADM/DSS Console
DADM .78
Buttons and LEDs..78
DSS Console .79
DSS Buttons..79
Calling a Station .80
Transferring to an Idle Station.80
Call Transfer with Camp-on .81
Call Answering (Outside Line)81
Speed Dial..81
Paging ..82
Call Forward Override (DSS Override)..82
Night Transfer Button..82
Appendix A – Centrex Application
Flexible Directory Numbering.83
Centrex Feature Buttons .83
Ringing Repeat.83
Delayed Ringing .84
Appendix B – Button Labels.85
Index ..89


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