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Motorola RFS Switch CLI

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Motorola RFS Switch CLI Guide de référence

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Motorola RFS Series Wireless LAN Switches WiNG CLI Reference Guide

The Motorola RF Switch CLI Reference Guide is intended for administrators responsible
for implementing, configuring, and maintaining a RFS6000 or RFS7000 model switch using the switch’s command line interface (CLI). It also serves as a reference for configuring/ modifying system settings. The administrator should be familiar with wireless technologies, networking concepts, Ethernet concepts, IP addressing and SNMP.

The syntax, parameters and descriptions within this guide can also be used generically for a RFS6000 and RFS7000 model switch. However, some subtle differences do exist amongst these baselines. These differences are strongly noted within the specific commands impacted. When these differences are noted, the options available to each switch baseline are described in detail.

Chapter 1, “Introduction”
Chapter 2, “Common Commands”
Chapter 3, “User Exec Commands”
Chapter 4, “Privileged Exec Commands”
Chapter 5, “Global Configuration Commands”
Chapter 6, “Crypto-isakmp Instance”
Chapter 7, “Crypto-group Instance”


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