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Motorola RF Management Suite RFMS

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Motorola RF Management Suite RFMS Guide de référence

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Motorola RF Management Suite (RFMS) System Reference Guide
version 3.2.1

This guide provides information about using the Motorola RF Management Suite (RFMS). Central to
describing Motorola RFMS, are its extensive conceptual enhancements, as well as the addition of Motorola SiteScanner and Wireless Intrusion Protection System (WIPS) as modules launched from within the parent RFMS application.

The Motorola RF Management Suite (RFMS) version 3.2.1 is an intuitive, browser-based, network
management solution for management, troubleshooting and monitoring. RF heat maps display system performance. Users can manage hundreds of sites (and thousands of devices), view the status and location of wireless infrastructure devices and clients, search for specific pieces of equipment, troubleshoot network issues, generate reports and export raw data.
Motorola RFMS simplifies the management of your RF network with an intuitive Web-based user interface. Network administrators with little or no RF experience can manage their Wi-Fi networks within a few hours of installing RFMS.

Chapter 1. Overview
Chapter 2. Installing and Licensing RFMS
Chapter 3. Planning Your Network Deployment
Chapter 4. My Network Configuration
Chapter 5. My Groups
Chapter 6. RFMS Administration
Chapter 7. Mobility Application Portal (MAP)
Chapter 8. RFMS Use Cases


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