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Motorola Enterprise WLAN Design

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Motorola Enterprise WLAN Design Guide de référence

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Motorola Enterprise WLAN Design Guide
Volume 1.2 March 2008

This guide was created to help you understand the philosophy behind Motorola's Enterprise Wireless LAN (EWLAN) products. This guide is intended for those interested in familiarizing themselves with the Enterprise wireless offerings available from Motorola. Additionally, once familiar with Motorola’s solution set, this guide also explains how to plan and assist in the deployment of your wireless network in respect to emerging standards and technologies.
Once you have thoroughly reviewed the content of this Enterprise WLAN Design Guide and applied it theoretically to the new 802.11n standard (as described within 802.11n), you will have all the pre-requisite knowledge required to plan the replacement of an existing wired network and deploy an
Enterprise-class wireless network.

Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. WLAN Reference Architectures
Chapter 4. Understanding WLAN Connectivity
Chapter 5. Securing the Wireless Enterprise
Chapter 6. Wireless Switch Architecture
Chapter 7. Voice Over Wireless LAN
Chapter 8. Building Enterprise WLAN Solutions
Chapter 9. Canopy Systems
Chapter 10. Wireless Standards
Chapter 11. Motorola’s Wireless LAN Products
Chapter 12. 802.11n


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