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Motorola Enterprise Wireless LAN Antenna

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Motorola Enterprise Wireless LAN Antenna Guide de spécification

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Motorola Enterprise Wireless LAN Antenna Specification Guide
Version 1.4 August 2009

This guide provides an RF engineer a catalog of antenna parts and accessories to complete a customized RF environment. This guide specifically addresses the antennas used for 802.11a, 802.11b, and 802.11g implementations for Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs). It is important to understand that antenna and accessory selection should be qualified by on-site testing with the actual components used. Signal attenuation is cumulative with each connection and component added between the antenna and the radio, so careful study should verify the given arrangement delivers the expected results.

Chapter 1.Antenna Selection and Description
Chapter 2.Product Compatibility
Chapter 3.802.11b/g Antenna Suite
Chapter 4.802.11a Antenna Suite
Chapter 5.2.4GHz - 5.2GHz Dual Band Antenna Suite
Chapter 6. Antenna Cables
Chapter 7. Supported Antenna Adapters
Chapter 8. Supported Lightning Arrestors
Chapter 9.Mounting Kits
Chapter 10.AP-5131 Antenna Connections
Chapter 11. AP300 Antenna Connections
Chapter 12. AP-7131 Transmit Power
Appendix A.Technical Support


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