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Lexmark MS710dn MS711dn MS810n MS810dn MS810de M5155 M5163 MS811n M5163dn MS811dn MS812dn MS812de

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Lexmark MS710dn MS711dn MS810n MS810dn MS810de M5155 M5163 MS811n M5163dn MS811dn MS812dn MS812de Manuel de service

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Lexmark MS710dn MS711dn MS810n MS810dn MS810de M5155 M5163 MS811n M5163dn MS811dn MS812dn MS812de  Service Manual (12G3023)
Machine Type 4063-2xx, -4xx, -63x, -83x
Edition notice July 09, 2013

Lexmark MS710dn 4063-832
Lexmark MS711dn 4063-835
Lexmark MS810n 4063-210
Lexmark MS810dn 4063-230
Lexmark MS810de 4063-23E
Lexmark M5155 4063-29E
Lexmark M5163 4063-49E
Lexmark MS811n 4063-410
Lexmark M5163dn 4063-490
Lexmark MS811dn 4063-430
Lexmark MS812dn 4063-630
Lexmark MS812de 4063-63E

Table of contents
Product information.2
Edition notice.2
Notices and safety information21
Laser notices21
Service manual conventions29
Change history.29
General information.37
Printer configurations.38
Paper guidelines40
Paper guidelines .40
Paper characteristics 40
Unacceptable paper .41
Selecting paper.41
Selecting preprinted forms and letterhead41
Storing paper42
Using recycled paper and other office papers 42
Data security notice.43
Tools required for service44
Diagnostic information.45
Troubleshooting overview.45
Performing the initial troubleshooting check .45
Error code number key .46
Power‑on Reset (POR) sequence.46
Using Safe Mode.47
Fixing print quality issues47
Initial print quality check 48
Gray background on prints .48
Printer is printing blank pages 49
Printer is printing solid black pages 50
Repeating defects .51
Shadow images appear on prints .51
Skewed print.52
Table of contents
Streaked horizontal lines appear on prints.53
Streaked vertical lines appear on prints .55
Toner rubs off .56
Paper jams.56
Understanding jam numbers and locations58
200–201 paper jams .59
Sensor (input) static jam service check.63
Sensor (input) early arriving jam service check 63
Sensor (input) never‑ or late‑arriving jam service check64
Sensor (input) late-leaving or did-not-clear jam service check.66
Main drive motor control jam service check 68
Printhead motor control jam service check68
Fuser drive motor control jam service check68
Sensor (input) miscellaneous jam 1 service check69
Sensor (input) miscellaneous jam 2 service check69
Sensor (input) miscellaneous jam 3 service check70
202 paper jams .70
Sensor (fuser exit) static jam service check 72
Sensor (fuser exit) late-leaving jam service check 73
Sensor (fuser exit) late-arriving jam service check .74
Sensor (narrow media) late arriving jam service check 75
Sensor (narrow media) static jam service check.76
Sensor (fuser exit) miscellaneous jam service check 76
Fuser ID chip control jam service check77
203 paper jams .77
Upper redrive motor control jam service check .78
230 paper jams .78
Sensor (duplex path) static jam service check 81
Sensor (duplex path) early arriving jam service check82
Sensor (duplex path) never‑ or late‑arriving jam service check .83
Sensor (duplex path) late leaving jam service check 84
Duplex control jam service check .85
Sensor (duplex path) miscellaneous jam service check85
Sensor (input) never-arriving jam (exiting duplex) service check.86
235–239 paper jams .86
24x paper jams87
Media feeder motor control service check.89
Media tray 1, tray pulled jam .90
Media feeder motor tray lift error service check .91
Sensor (input) never-arriving jam from tray 1 service check91
250 paper jams .92
Sensor (input) never-arriving jam from MPF media tray service check94
41y.xx paper jams .96
43y.xx paper jams .97
451 paper jams .98
Table of contents
455–457 paper jams .99
User attendance messages (0-99.99)102
User attendance messages (0‑99.99) . 102
Toner level sensing error check 107
Toner cartridge smart chip error service check 107
Imaging unit smart chip service check108
Fuser unit smart chip service check109
Printer hardware errors (100-199.99).109
Printer hardware error messages(100‑199.99) 110
Printhead ID service check113
Printhead service check 113
Fuser drive motor service check .114
Fuser service check .114
LVPS service check 115
Toner level sensing service check .115
Main drive motor service check116
Media feeder service check 116
Redrive motor service check.117
Duplex motor service check117
Toner add motor service check 118
Main cooling fan service check.118
Cartridge cooling fan service check 119
Fuser cooling fan service check 119
Firmware and/or system electronics errors (900-999.99)119
9xx error messages .120
System software error service check123
NVRAM mismatch failure service check .128
Input/output option hardware errors.129
3xx error messages (300‑399.99) . 129
250/550-sheet transport motor failure service check136
250/550-sheet media feeder failure service check 137
250/550-sheet controller board failure service check139
HCIT lift drive motor failure service check140
HCIT lift plate failure service check.142
HCIT transport motor failure service check 144
HCOE failure service check .146
Mailbox failure service check147
Input/output option paper jam errors149
Input option jam error messages (242‑245.99)149
250/550-sheet media tray option jam service check160
HCIT jam service check .162
HCIT source jam service check165
4xx error messages (400‑499.99) . 167
Sensor (mailbox pass through) jam service check 181
Table of contents
Mailbox main motor jam service check 183
Mailbox diverter plunger jam service check .185
Mailbox diverter jam service check 187
HCOE diverter jam service check 190
Sensor (HCOE pass through) jam service check191
HCOE media entrance jam service check194
HCOE main motor jam service check197
Sensor (finisher pass through) jam service check.199
Finisher left tamper jam service check .202
Finisher right tamper jam service check .204
Finisher ejector jam service check206
Finisher main motor jam service check 207
Finisher diverter jam service check 209
Finisher paddle jam service check 211
Finisher tray holder jam service check .212
Stapler carriage jam service check213
Sensor (throat media present) jam service check 215
Finisher (HPU) main motor jam service check 218
Finisher (HPU) ejector jam service check219
Sensor (HPU finisher pass through) jam service check.220
Finisher (HPU) left tamper jam service check.222
Finisher (HPU) right tamper jam service check.224
Finisher (HPU) diverter jam service check 225
Finisher (HPU) paddle jam service check226
Finisher (HPU) tray holder jam service check .228
Sensor (HPU throat media present) jam service check 229
Stapler carriage (HPU) jam service check .231
HPU feed motor jam service check.233
Sensor (HPU media align) jam service check 234
Sensor (HPU trailing edge) jam service check.235
Sensor (HPU leading edge) jam service check 237
HPU motor jam service check.238
HPU communication error jam service check.239
Output expander main motor service check 240
Sensor (OE pass through) jam service check 242
Output expander media entrance jam service check .245
Output expander diverter jam service check248
Base printer symptoms.250
Network service check251
Dead machine service check.253
Option tray symptoms254
250/550-sheet media type error service check 256
250/550-sheet tray undetected service check .258
HCIT incorrect media error service check.259
Table of contents
HCIT media type error service check 261
HCIT undetected service check.263
HCIT media low undetected service check .264
Mailbox incorrect bin exit service check.266
Mailbox undetected service check .268
Finisher side door error service check 269
Finisher cartridge error service check 271
Finisher undetected service check273
Finisher bin error service check .274
Finisher door undetected service check 275
Stapler carriage failure service check .277
Finisher bin media present error service check278
Stuck media on hole puncher service check.280
Missing or misaligned hole punch service check 281
Hole punch box undetected service check .282
Finisher door (HPU) undetected service check.283
Output expander error service check .284
Output expander rear door undetected service check.285
Output expander undetected service check.287
Output expander bin error service check .288
HCOE bin error service check289
HCOE undetected service check .290
HCOE rear door undetected service check .291
Service menus293
Using the printer control panel.293
Updating the printer firmware294
Menus list294
Diagnostics menu295
Entering diagnostics mode .295
Print Quality Pages (Prt Quality Pgs) 296
Panel Test .297
Button Test.297
DRAM Test297
Serial Wrap Test .298
USB HS Test Mode299
Quick Test.299
Top Margin .300
Sensor Test .300
Motor Test300
Table of contents
Duplex Feed 1.301
Duplex Feed 2.301
Feed Tests 301
Sensor Tests .302
Feed Tests 302
Feed To All Bins 303
Sensor Test .303
Diverter Test.303
Staple Test 304
Hole Punch Test304
Feed Test 304
Finisher Sensor Test .304
Quick Disk Test .306
Disk Test/Clean.306
Flash Test306
Defaults 307
Printed Page Count.308
Permanent Page Count (Perm page count)308
Processor ID308
Engine Setting [x] .308
Edge to Edge.308
Parallel Strobe Adjustment (Par 1 Strobe Adj) .308
EP Defaults .309
Fuser Temperature (Fuser Temp).309
Fuser Page Count .309
Warm Up Time .309
Transfer 309
Print Contrast .310
Charge Roll .310
Gap Adjust 310
Automatic Darkness Adjust (Auto Dark Adj) 310
Menu Settings Page311
Installed Licenses311
Display Log .311
Print Log .311
Clear Log.312
Table of contents
Exit Diags.312
Configuration menu312
Entering configuration mode313
Roller Kit Counter Value314
Reset Roller Kit Counter314
Print Quality Pages314
Reports .314
Menu Settings Page314
Event Log315
Size sensing .315
Panel Menus .315
PPDS Emulation 316
Download Emuls .316
Safe Mode.316
Factory Defaults316
Energy Conserve .317
Paper Prompts 317
Envelope Prompts.317
Action for Prompts318
Jobs on Disk 318
Disk Encryption .318
Erase All Information on Disk319
Wipe All Settings.319
Font Sharpening319
Require Standby319
A5 Loading 320
UI Automation 320
LES Applications 320
Key Repeat Initial Delay 321
Key Repeat Rate321
Wiper Message .321
Clear Supply Usage History .321
Clear Custom Status322
USB Speed.322
Automatically Display Error Screens.322
USB PnP 322
Entering invalid engine mode323
Entering recovery mode323
Accessing the Network SE menu.323
Service Engineer menu323
Accessing the service engineer (SE) menu323
Service engineer (SE) menu 323
Table of contents
Repair information.325
Removal precautions.325
Handling ESD‑sensitive parts 325
Controller board/control panel replacement .326
eSF solutions backup 327
Ribbon cable connectors 327
Zero Insertion Force (ZIF) connectors 327
Horizontal top contact connector 328
Horizontal bottom contact connector331
Vertical mount contact connector .334
Horizontal sliding contact connector .337
Low Insertion Force (LIF) connector.340
Media aligner roller adjustment .343
Polygon printhead mechanical registration adjustment 344
Removal procedures.347
Base printer - cover removals.347
Left cover removal 347
Rear lower cover removal.350
Top cover removal 352
Right cover removal353
Rear door removal 355
Base printer- front removals.356
Duplex exit diverter removal 356
Front door removal.358
Inner guide deflector removal 359
Laser printhead removal.361
Left inner cover removal.365
Media aligner roller removal 367
Media turn guide removal 369
Media vertical guide removal .370
MPF feeder lift plate removal .372
MPF pick roller removal375
MPF solenoid removal 377
MPF tray removal .379
Right inner cover removal 381
Sensor (input) removal .382
Sensor (toner density) removal 383
Transfer roller left arm with cable removal 385
Transfer roller right arm removal .386
Transfer roller removal .389
Base printer - rear removals392
Table of contents
Duplex motor removal392
Fuser removal .394
Fuser access door removal .396
Left frame pivot removal 397
Output bin sensor cover removal .398
Right frame pivot removal 399
Sensor (rear door interlock) removal400
Base printer - top removals.400
Sensor (standard bin full) removal .401
Standard bin cover removal402
Upper redrive motor removal.403
Upper redrive removal405
Base printer - bottom removals406
Duplex removal.407
Duplex front flap removal.409
Duplex rear flap removal 410
Left frame extension removal.411
Media tray removal 413
Media size actuator removal 414
Pick roller assembly removal 416
Right frame extension.417
Sensor (duplex path) removal.418
Sensor (tray 1 media out) removal .419
Separator roller assembly removal.421
Base printer - left removals.422
Controller board removal .423
Controller board access cover removal 424
Controller board access shield removal424
Fuser drive motor removal .425
Main cooling fan removal .427
Main drive motor removal428
Media feeder removal 429
PCBA housing removal431
Sensor (control panel interlock) removal .432
Sensor (pick roller position) removal433
Toner add motor removal.434
Base printer - right removals.435
Cartridge cooling fan removal 436
Duplex cooling fan removal 437
Fuser cooling fan removal.438
HVPS removal .439
LVPS removal 440
Control panel removals.443
4.3‑inch tilting display removal.443
Table of contents
7‑inch tilting display removal446
Control panel removal (2.4‑inch screen)  448
Control panel removal (4.3‑inch screen, 7‑inch screen).454
Control panel board (2.4‑inch tilting display) removal .460
Control panel board (4.3‑inch tilting display) removal .463
Control panel board (7‑inch tilting display) removal (MS812de) .466
Control panel front cover removal .469
Control panel latch removal .471
Control panel left bezel removal 472
Left control panel hinge removal473
Right control panel hinge removal476
250/550-sheet media tray option removals479
250/550-sheet media tray and drawer assembly removal.479
Media tray separation roller removal.480
Media tray assembly removal.480
Media tray front cover removal480
Drawer pick roller removal 481
Sensor (pick roll position) removal 481
Drawer assembly rear cover removal .482
Drawer assembly left cover removal 483
Drawer controller PCBA removal484
Drawer upper interface cable removal.485
Drawer lower interface cable removal .486
Drawer media feeder removal .487
Drawer transport motor removal .489
Sensor (drawer pass through) removal 490
Sensor (pick) removal .492
High capacity input tray option removals.495
High capacity input tray option removal 495
HCIT removal 496
HCIT drawer assembly removal 496
HCIT separator roller assembly removal.497
HCIT media guide removal497
HCIT front cover removal498
HCIT pick roller assembly removal500
HCIT rear cover removal .501
HCIT left cover removal 502
HCIT right cover removal 504
HCIT controller PCBA removal 506
HCIT top cover assembly removal 507
HCIT lift drive motor removal .509
HCIT interface cable removal511
Sensor (HCIT media low) with flag removal512
Sensor (HCIT pick roller position) removal .513
Table of contents
Sensor (HCIT pick) removal .515
HCIT media feeder removal 516
Output expander option removals519
Output expander option removal .519
Output expander top cover removal 519
Output expander rear door removal 520
Output expander sensor cover removal .522
Output expander bin full flag removal522
Sensor (media bin full) with flag removal .522
Output expander right cover removal 523
Output expander left cover removal 525
Output expander controller PCBA removal 527
Lower interface cable removal .528
Upper interface cable removal .529
Spring with string removal531
Output expander option latch removal 532
Output expander diverter motor removal533
Output expander diverter plunger assembly removal533
Output expander drive gear removal .535
Output expander main motor removal 536
Sensor (OE rear door interlock) removal 538
Sensor (OE diverter plunger HP) removal.540
Output expander diverter spring removal 541
Output expander diverter removal.542
Output expander drive belt removal 544
Output expander belt tensioner removal .544
Output expander bin removal 545
Sensor (OE pass through) removal .546
High capacity output expander option removals549
High capacity output expander option removal .549
HCOE top cover removal.549
HCOE rear door removal.550
HCOE sensor cover removal .551
HCOE bin full flag removal 552
Sensor (HCOE media bin full) with flag removal .552
HCOE right cover removal.553
HCOE left cover removal.554
HCOE controller PCBA removal.556
HCOE lower interface cable removal 558
HCOE upper interface cable removal559
HCOE option latch removal.559
HCOE diverter motor removal 560
Sensor (HCOE tray HP) removal 561
HCOE tray spring removal.562
Table of contents
HCOE tray pinion removal 563
Sensor (HCOE rear door interlock) removal564
HCOE drive belt removal.566
HCOE belt tensioner removal .568
HCOE diverter plunger assembly removal 569
HCOE main drive gear assembly removal .571
HCOE main motor removal .573
Sensor (HCOE diverter HP) removal575
HCOE top diverter spring removal 577
HCOE top diverter removal.578
HCOE tray shaft removal.580
HCOE bin removal.581
Sensor (HCOE pass through) removal .584
Staple finisher option removals587
Staple finisher option removal .587
Stapler rear door removal.588
Stapler right cover removal 590
Sensor (cartridge door interlock) removal592
Stapler door close limit switch removal592
Stapler carriage assembly removal .595
Stapler left cover removal 596
Stapler cartridge access door removal .598
Sensor (throat media present) removal .598
Stapler top cover removal 601
Stapler spring with string removal603
Stapler option latch removal 604
Stapler tray spring removal.605
Stapler tray link assembly removal .606
Sensor (stapler rear door interlock) removal608
Sensor (paddle motor HP) removal 609
Media stack flap (right) removal.609
Media stack flap (left) removal .611
Sensor (right tamper motor HP) removal .613
Sensor (left tamper motor HP) removal .615
Standard output bin LED removal.618
Sensor (finisher bin media present) removal619
Tamper assembly removal620
Tamper motor (right) removal622
Tamper motor (left) removal 622
Tamper drive belt removal .623
Stapler output bin LED removal624
Paddle drive motor removal .626
Stapler lower interface cable removal627
Stapler controller PCBA removal 629
Stapler main motor removal.630
Table of contents
Stapler diverter motor removal 632
Stapler diverter plunger assembly removal633
Stapler drive gear assembly removal634
Sensor (bin full send) removal 635
Sensor (bin full receive) removal 636
Media pusher assembly removal 638
Stapler feed roll removal 638
Stapler chute assembly removal.640
Sensor (stapler pass through) removal.643
Stapler ejector motor assembly removal644
Sensor (stapler ejector HP) removal .647
Sensor (media pusher HP) removal 650
Sensor (stapler diverter plunger HP) removal 652
Mailbox option removals654
Mailbox option removal .654
Mailbox top cover removal.654
Mailbox rear door removal .655
Mailbox right cover removal.657
Mailbox top bin cover with bail removal 658
Mailbox spring with string removal 659
Mailbox solenoid removal 660
Mailbox left cover removal.662
Mailbox option latch removal.663
Sensor (mailbox rear door interlock) removal 663
Mailbox diverter plunger assembly removal 664
Mailbox main drive gear removal .669
Mailbox main motor removal .672
Mailbox controller PCBA removal.673
Sensor (mailbox diverter plunger HP) removal.674
Mailbox lower interface cable removal 676
Mailbox upper interface cable removal678
Mailbox diverter motor removal 678
Mailbox media bin full flag removal .680
Sensor (mailbox bin full receive) removal 681
Mailbox belt removal684
Mailbox output bin LED assembly removal 686
Mailbox top diverter removal.689
Mailbox middle diverter removal .694
Mailbox top diverter spring removal 695
Sensor (mailbox pass through) removal .699
Staple, hole punch finisher option removals.704
Staple, hole punch finisher option removal704
Stapler cartridge access door removal .705
Hole punch box removal.705
Table of contents
Staple, hole punch left cover removal 705
Staple, hole punch right cover removal 707
Sensor (cartridge door interlock) removal708
Stapler door close limit switch removal709
Stapler carriage assembly removal .712
Sensor (throat media present) removal .713
Staple, hole punch latch removal .715
Stapler controller PCBA removal 715
Stapler main motor removal.716
Stapler paddle motor removal717
Sensor (paddle motor HP) removal 718
Stapler diverter motor removal 719
Stapler diverter plunger assembly removal720
Stapler drive gear assembly removal721
Sensor (bin full send) removal 722
Sensor (bin full receive) removal 723
Staple, hole punch lower interface cable removal .725
Media pusher assembly removal 725
Standard output bin LED removal.726
Sensor (finisher bin media present) removal727
Staple, hole punch top cover removal 728
Sensor (right tamper motor HP) removal .729
Sensor (left tamper motor HP) removal .731
Stapler tamper assembly removal 733
Tamper motor (right) removal735
Tamper motor (left) removal 736
Tamper drive belt removal .737
Stapler output bin LED removal738
Staple, hole punch tray link tension spring removal.740
Staple, hole punch tray link removal 740
Sensor (hole punch box present) removal741
Sensor (HPU rear door interlock) removal742
Component locations.745
Controller board745
Inspection guide753
Scheduled maintenance755
Fuser maintenance kits.755
Replacing fuser maintenance kits .756
Identifying the type of fuser used in the printer 757
Resetting the Roller Kit counter758
Table of contents
Preventive maintenance.759
Device‑specific preventive maintenance759
Lubrication specification.759
Cleaning the printer759
Parts catalog760
Assembly 1: Covers763
Assembly 2: Paper path.767
Assembly 3: Fusers769
Assembly 4: Electronics.771
Assembly 5: Drive motors.775
Assembly 6: Duplex.777
Assembly 7: Frame779
Assembly 8: Control panel.781
Assembly 9: Paper tray785
Assembly 10: Input options.787
Assembly 11: 250-sheet tray option789
Assembly 12: 550-sheet tray option791
Assembly 13: High capacity input tray option 1793
Assembly 14: High capacity input tray option 2795
Assembly 15: Output options797
Assembly 16: Output expander option.799
Assembly 17: High capacity output expander option801
Assembly 18: Staple finisher option 1.803
Assembly 19: Staple finisher option 2.805
Assembly 20: Mailbox option 1.807
Assembly 21: Mailbox option 2.809
Assembly 22: Staple, hole punch finisher option 1.811
Assembly 23: Staple, hole punch finisher option 2.813
Assembly 24: Staple, hole punch finisher option 3.815
Assembly 25: Staple, hole punch finisher option 4.817
Assembly 26: Miscellaneous.819
Assembly 27: Power cords821
Appendix A: Printer specifications823
Power specifications823
Table of contents
Operating clearances.824
Security reset jumper825
Appendix B: Options and features827
Available internal options.827
Input options supported.827
Output options supported.827
Physical specifications (options)828
Options configurations828
Appendix C: Theory of operation829
Models MS81x and MS71x paper path rollers and sensors830
Models MS81x and MS71x sensors.831
Functions of main components - need a new title831
Media tray assembly.831
Rear media guide831
Side media guide.831
Media tray.832
Media feeder 832
Sensor (media size) .832
Sensor (pick roller position) 832
Multi-purpose feeder (MPF).832
MPF pick roller833
MPF pick solenoid .833
Sensor (input) .834
Sensor (duplex path).834
Transfer roller .834
Fuser components.836
Heat belt (belt fuser).837
Heat belt (hot roll fuser) .837
Pressure roll 837
Heater lamp (hot roll fuser) 837
Thermistor 837
Table of contents
Sensor (fuser exit).838
Sensor (narrow media) (hot roll fuser only) .838
Sensor (standard bin full)838
Main drive motor assembly 839
Fuser drive motor assembly .839
Toner add motor assembly .839
Redrive motor assembly .839
Electrical components and controller.840
Sensor (control panel door interlock) .841
Sensor (rear door interlock)841
Main cooling fan .841
Cartridge cooling fan.841
Duplex cooling fan 841
Fuser cooling fan (hot roll printer only) 841
LVPS board assembly 842
HVPS board assembly .842
Controller board .842
Xerographic and print cartridge components.842
Supported paper sizes, types, and weights.846
Paper types and weights supported by the printer 846
Paper sizes supported by the printer847
Paper sizes, types, and weights supported by the optional finishers.848
Output options theory.850
Output expander theory .850
High capacity output expander theory .851
Mailbox theory852
Staple finisher theory853
Appendix D: Acronyms.855
Part number index.865
Part name index.877


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