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Lexmark M5150 M5160 M5170 MS710 MS711 MS810 MS811 MS812

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Lexmark M5150 M5160 M5170 MS710 MS711 MS810 MS811 MS812 Manuel de service

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Lexmark M5150 M5160 M5170 MS710 MS711 MS810 MS811 MS812 printer
Machine Type 4063-2xx, -4x0, -63x, -83x

Lexmark M5150 4063‑29E
Lexmark M5160 4063‑49E
Lexmark M5170 4063‑69E
Lexmark MS710dn 4063‑832
Lexmark MS711dn 4063‑835
Lexmark MS810n 4063-210
Lexmark MS810dn 4063-230
Lexmark MS810de 4063-23E
Lexmark MS811n 4063-410
Lexmark MS811dn 4063-430
Lexmark MS812dn 4063-630
Lexmark MS812de 4063-63E

Table of contents
Product information.2
Edition notice..2
Notices and safety information17
Laser notices17
Service manual conventions25
General information..27
Printer configurations..28
Paper guidelines30
Paper characteristics..30
Selecting paper ..31
Selecting preprinted forms and letterhead ..31
Using recycled paper and other office papers 31
Storing paper ..33
Data security notice..33
Tools required for service..34
Diagnostic information.35
Troubleshooting overview..35
Performing the initial troubleshooting check 35
Error code number key ..36
Power‑on Reset (POR) sequence36
Using Safe Mode.37
Fixing print quality issues37
Initial print quality check .38
Gray background on prints ..39
Printer is printing blank pages 40
Printer is printing solid black pages .41
Repeating defects .41
Shadow images appear on prints .42
Skewed print.43
Streaked horizontal lines appear on prints44
Streaked vertical lines appear on prints 46
Toner rubs off ..47
Paper jams47
Understanding jam numbers and locations..48
200–201 paper jams 50
Sensor (input) static jam service check.54
Sensor (input) early arriving jam service check 54
Sensor (input) never‑ or late‑arriving jam service check..56
Sensor (input) late-leaving or did-not-clear jam service check..57
Main drive motor control jam service check 59
Printhead motor control jam service check..59
Fuser drive motor control jam service check..60
Sensor (input) miscellaneous jam 1 service check.60
Sensor (input) miscellaneous jam 2 service check.61
Sensor (input) miscellaneous jam 3 service check.61
202 paper jams ..61
Sensor (fuser exit) static jam service check ..64
Sensor (fuser exit) late-leaving jam service check .64
Sensor (fuser exit) late-arriving jam service check .65
Sensor (narrow media) late arriving jam service check 66
Sensor (narrow media) static jam service check.67
Sensor (fuser exit) miscellaneous jam service check ..68
Fuser ID chip control jam service check68
203 paper jams ..69
Upper redrive motor control jam service check 69
230 paper jams .70
Sensor (duplex path) static jam service check .73
Sensor (duplex path) early arriving jam service check..74
Sensor (duplex path) never‑ or late‑arriving jam service check ..74
Sensor (duplex path) late leaving jam service check .75
Duplex control jam service check 76
Sensor (duplex path) miscellaneous jam service check..77
Sensor (input) never-arriving jam (exiting duplex) service check.78
235–239 paper jams ..78
24x paper jams79
Media feeder motor control service check81
Media tray 1, tray pulled jam 82
Media feeder motor tray lift error service check 83
Sensor (input) never-arriving jam from tray 1 service check..83
250 paper jams ..84
Sensor (input) never-arriving jam from MPF media tray service check.86
41y.xx paper jams .88
43y.xx paper jams .89
451 paper jams ..90
455–457 paper jams 91
User attendance messages (0-99.99)94
User attendance messages (0‑99.99) . 94
Toner level sensing error check .99
Toner cartridge smart chip error service check 99
Imaging unit smart chip service check.100
Fuser unit smart chip service check.101
Printer hardware errors (100-199.99)101
Printer hardware error messages(100‑199.99) .102
Printhead ID service check.106
Printhead service check .106
Fuser drive motor service check 107
Fuser service check .107
LVPS service check ..108
Toner level sensing service check .108
Main drive motor service check109
Media feeder service check ..109
Redrive motor service check.110
Duplex motor service check..110
Toner add motor service check 111
Main cooling fan service check.111
Cartridge cooling fan service check .112
LVPS cooling fan service check .112
HVPS cooling fan service check..113
Miscellaneous cooling fan service check ..113
Firmware and/or system electronics errors (900-999.99).113
9xx error messages ..114
System software error service check117
NVRAM mismatch failure service check 122
Input/output option hardware errors123
3xx error messages (300‑399.99) 123
250/550-sheet transport motor failure service check..128
250/550-sheet media feeder failure service check ..130
250/550-sheet controller board failure service check..132
HCIT lift drive motor failure service check..133
HCIT lift plate failure service check135
HCIT transport motor failure service check .137
HCOE failure service check .139
Mailbox failure service check.140
Output expander failure service check.141
Input/output option paper jam errors..143
Input option jam error messages (242‑245.99)143
250/550-sheet media tray option jam service check.154
HCIT jam service check .156
HCIT source jam service check..159


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