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Lexmark CXx10 Series and XC2132 MFP 7527

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Lexmark CXx10 Series and XC2132 MFP 7527 Manuel de service

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Lexmark CXx10 Series and XC2132 MFP 7527-2xx, 7527-4xx, 7527-63x, 7527-697
Service Manual (12G3313)
Edition notice: July 22, 2013

CX310n  7527‑211
CX310dn  7527‑231
CX410e 7527‑415
CX410de 7527‑436
CX510de 7527‑636
CX510dhe 7527‑637
XC2132 7527‑697

Product information.2
Edition notice.2
Notices and safety information13
Laser notices13
Safety information.16
Service manual conventions21
Change history.21
General information.25
Media guidelines.25
Paper guidelines .25
Using recycled paper and other office papers 28
Using specialty media .28
Supported paper sizes, types, and weights 31
Data security notice.34
Tools required for service35
Diagnostic information.37
Troubleshooting overview.37
Performing the initial troubleshooting check .37
Power‑on Reset (POR) sequence 38
Using Safe Mode.38
Fixing print quality issues39
Initial print quality check 40
Toner rubs off .40
Background or toner fog on prints .41
Printer is printing blank pages 43
Blurred or fuzzy print 44
Half‑color page .44
Horizontal banding .45
Horizontal line.45
Missing image at edge 45
Toner specks appear on prints46
Narrow vertical line 46
Random marks46
Residual image47
Printer is printing solid color pages 47
Vertical banding48
Light print on solids 48
Color problems .48
Paper jams.49
Avoiding jams49
Understanding jam messages and locations.50
200 paper jams .51
202 paper jams .55
203 paper jams .62
23y paper jams .65
24y paper jams .69
25y paper jams .70
28y paper jams .73
29y paper jams .76
Understanding the printer messages78
Adjusting color78
Change [paper source] to [custom string] 78
Change [paper source] to [custom type name] 79
Change [paper source] to [paper type] [paper size] .79
Close door.79
Close flatbed cover and load originals if restarting job [2yy.xx] .79
[Color] cartridge low [88.xy] .79
[Color] cartridge nearly low [88.xy] 79
[Color] cartridge very low, [x] estimated pages remain [88.xy]80
Complex page, some data may not have printed [39]80
Configuration change, some held jobs were not restored [57] 80
Defective flash detected [51]80
Disk full [62] 80
Disk must be formatted for use in this device 80
Error reading USB drive. Remove USB81
Error reading USB hub. Remove hub81
Fax partition inoperative. Contact system administrator.81
Fax server 'To Format' not set up. Contact system administrator81
Fax Station Name not set up. Contact system administrator.81
Fax Station Number not set up. Contact system administrator.81
Incompatible tray [x] [59] .81
Incorrect paper size, open [paper source] [34] 81
Insert Tray [x]82
Insufficient memory for Flash Memory Defragment operation [37] 82
Insufficient memory, some Held Jobs were deleted [37] .82
Insufficient memory to collate job [37] 82
Insufficient memory to support Resource Save feature [35]82
Insufficient memory, some held jobs will not be restored [37]82
Load [paper source] with [custom string].83
Load [paper source] with [custom type name].83
Load [paper source] with [paper size] 83
Load [paper source] with [paper type] [paper size] .83
Load Manual Feeder with [custom string]84
Load Manual Feeder with [custom type name]84
Load Manual Feeder with [paper size] .84
Load Manual Feeder with [paper type] [paper size].84
Maintenance kit low [80.xy] .84
Maintenance kit nearly low [80.xy] 85
Maintenance kit very low, [x] estimated pages remain [80.xy]85
Memory full [38] .85
Memory full, cannot print faxes .85
Memory full, cannot send faxes .85
Network [x] software error [54] .85
No analog phone line connected to modem, fax is disabled85
Non-Lexmark [color] [supply type], see User's Guide [33.xy].86
Not enough free space in flash memory for resources [52] .86
Printer had to restart. Last job may be incomplete86
Reinstall missing or unresponsive [color] cartridge [31.xy] 86
Reinstall missing or unresponsive [type] imaging kit [31.xy]86
Reload printed pages in Tray [x] .87
Remove defective disk [61].87
Remove packaging material, [area name] 87
Remove paper from standard output bin.87
Replace all originals if restarting job.87
Replace [color] cartridge, 0 estimated pages remain [88.xy] .87
Replace [color] cartridge, printer region mismatch [42.xy]88
Replace defective [type] imaging kit [31.xy].88
Replace jammed originals if restarting job.88
Replace maintenance kit, 0 estimated pages remain [80.xy] .88
Replace missing [type] imaging kit [31.xy]89
Replace missing waste toner bottle [82.xy]89
Replace [type] imaging kit, 0 estimated pages remain [84.xy] .89
Replace unsupported [color] cartridge [32.xy] .89
Replace unsupported [type] imaging kit [32.xy].89
Replace waste toner bottle [82.xy].89
Restore held jobs? 89
Scanner automatic feeder cover open .90
Scanner disabled by admin [840.01].90
Scanner disabled. Contact system administrator if problem persists. [840.02] .90
Scanner jam, remove all originals from the scanner [2yy.xx] .90
Scanner jam, remove jammed originals from the scanner [2yy.xx] .90
SMTP server not set up. Contact system administrator.90
Some held jobs were not restored .90
Standard network software error [54]90
Standard USB port disabled [56].91
Supply needed to complete job91
Too many flash options installed [58].91
Too many trays attached [58].91
[Type] imaging kit low [84.xy].91
[Type] imaging kit nearly low [84.xy]92
[Type] imaging kit very low, [x] estimated pages remain [84.xy] .92
Unformatted flash detected [53]92
Waste toner bottle nearly full [82.xy].92
Weblink server not set up. Contact system administrator.92
User attendance messages (0–99.99).92
Understanding the printer messages .92
Printer hardware errors100
1xx error messages .101
110.xx Printhead service check.106
121.xx Fuser service check107
133.xx Toner meter sensors (Y, C, M, K) on TMC card service check .111
141.xx—Cartridge motor error service check.113
147.xx Paper pick motor drive assembly service check115
171.xx Fan error service check117
9xx error messages .118
900.xx System software error service check.121
91x.xx (910.xx‑919.xx) Engine software service check .125
950.xx NVRAM failure service check.125
Invalid firmware/controller board service check127
Memory failure service check.127
Download emulation cyclic redundancy service check.127
Standard network/network card error service check.127
Standard network/network card programming error service check 128
Base printer symptoms.128
Dead printer service check .129
Front door sensor or switches service check131
Narrow media sensor service check .135
Operator panel (display is dim and unchanging) service check136
Operator panel (displays all diamonds, no beeps, or five beeps) service check.139
Operator panel (display blank) service check .141
Operator panel (one or more operator panel buttons fail) service check142
Operator panel USB cable service check 144
Toner meter cycle (TMC) card service check 145
Trays 2 and 3 (optional) service check145
USB service check .147
Network service check147
ADF/Scanner hardware errors.150
8xx service error messages .150
Scanner disabled error service check .151
ADF service check .153
CCD service check .154
Scanner configuration error service check .154
Scan/fax/copy symptoms .154
Black or blank page copy service check 155
Flatbed motor service check.156
Flatbed home position service check156
ADF rattling noise service check .157
Flatbed legal scan service check .157
ADF streak service check 158
ADF feed errors service check 158
ADF duplex service check159
Modem/fax card service check.160
Blank spaces on incoming fax service check.161
Stretched words on incoming fax service check.162
Fax reception service check 162
Fax transmission service check .164
Fax error log codes .166
Escalating a fax issue to second‑level support 170
Input option hardware errors.171
550‑sheet and 650‑sheet trays input option symptoms 171
Tray (x) sensor service check 174
550 and 650 input option service check .176
Service menus179
Understanding the printer control panel179
Using the printer control panel.179
Understanding the colors of the indicator light and Sleep button lights181
Understanding the home screen for CX410 and CX510 models.181
Updating the printer firmware183
Menus list184
Diagnostics menu186
Entering diagnostics mode .187
Quick Test .189
Alignment Menu .190
Scanner calibration .190
Print quality test pages .192
TPS Setup: Right or Left 202
TPS Setup: Cal Ref Adj.203
TPS Setup: Reset Color Cal 203
Reports: Menu Settings Page203
Scanner tests.205
Exit Diagnostics .210
Configuration menu210
Entering the Configuration menu .210
Action for prompts211
ADF Edge Erase .211
Size sensing .211
Print Quality Pages212
Color Trapping 212
Reports .212
Panel Menus .213
PPDS Emulation 213
Download emuls .213
Safe Mode.213
Demo Mode213
Factory Defaults213
Energy Conserve .214
Fax low power support .214
Min copy memory.215
Num pad job assist215
Format fax storage215
Flatbed edge erase215
Scanner manual registration.216
Disable scanner.217
Auto Color Adjustment .217
Font Sharpening217
Exit Config .217
Entering Invalid engine mode218
Entering recovery mode218
Accessing the Network SE menu.218
Service Engineer menu218
Accessing the service engineer (SE) menu218
Service engineer (SE) menu 218
Fax service engineer (SE) menu 219
Repair information.221
Removal precautions.221
Data security notice 221
Handling ESD‑sensitive parts 222
Controller board/control panel replacement .222
eSF solutions backup 223
Ribbon cable connectors 223
Zero Insertion Force (ZIF) connectors 223
Horizontal top contact connector 224
Horizontal bottom contact connector227
Vertical mount contact connector .230
Horizontal sliding contact connector .233
Low Insertion Force (LIF) connector.236
Removal procedures.237
Left side removals.237
Left cover assembly removal 237
EP drive assembly removal .238
Low‑voltage power supply (LVPS) assembly removal.244
Fuser exit sensor removal.245
Speaker removal .247
Right side removals.247
Right cover assembly removal 247
Fuser drive motor assembly removal .248
Toner meter cycle (TMC) card removal 249
Toner density sensor (TDS) (left or right sensor) removal251
Developer unit removal 253
High‑voltage power supply (HVPS) removal .254
Imaging unit (IU) removal .258
Toner cartridge contacts removal.260
Waste toner bottle removal .262
Waste toner bottle contact block removal .263
Front removals264
Front cover assembly removal264
Front middle cover removal .266
Front logo cover removal266
Operator panel bezel removal 266
Operator panel logo plate removal 267
Operator panel removal (for CX310 and CX410 models only)267
Operator panel removal (for CX510 models only)274
USB port connector removal 275
Duplex reference edge removal .276
Fuser assembly removal .278
Bottom removals.281
Transfer module removal .281
Lower left frame removal .283
Lower right frame removal .289
Duplex sensor removal .293
Tray present sensor removal 294
Paper pick motor drive assembly (standard tray) removal.296
Rear side removals298
Rear cover removal.298
Controller board removal .300
System fan removal 301
Top side removals.301
Top cover assembly removal 301
Output bin tray and exit bail removal.305
AIO toner cover removal 307
AIO link removal .308
AIO release lever removal.309
Bin‑full flag removal310
Narrow media sensor removal .310
Narrow media sensor flag removal.312
Printhead removal 313
Redrive unit removal 313
ADF/scanner removals315
ADF assembly removal315
ADF input tray removal.317
ADF separator roll removal.318
ADF separator pad removal 318
Top cover ADF sheet feed removal.319
Right scanner cover removal 320
Rear scanner cover removal .322
Flatbed scanner assembly removal.322
Flatbed pivot link removal 327
Options removals328
650‑sheet duo drawer tray assembly removal .329
650‑sheet duo drawer assembly removal 330
Dust cover removal.331
Pick tire removal .332
Component locations.335
Controller board335
Inspection guide343
Scheduled maintenance344
Maintenance kits 344
Preventive maintenance.345
Device‑specific preventive maintenance345
Lubrication specification.345
Cleaning the printer346
Cleaning the printer 346
Cleaning the scanner glass347
Cleaning the printhead lenses 348
Parts catalog350
Assembly 1: Covers351
Assembly 2: Scanner353
Assembly 3: Paperpath355
Assembly 4: Operator panels359
Assembly 5: Electronics.363
Assembly 6: Cables and sensors367
Assembly 7: Media drawers and trays369
Assembly 8: Options and miscellaneous.371
Appendix A: Printer specifications373
Power specifications373
Electrical specifications.373
Operating clearances.374
Appendix B: Options and features377
Available internal options.377
Media handling options.377
Option configurations.378
Appendix C: Theory of operation381
Paper path and transport components.381
Paper path information 381
Transport components .382
Bubble sensors382
Duplexing 383
Print engine theory384
Electrophotographic process (EP process)384
Electrophotographic process basics .384
ADF theory.388
ADF theory of operation .388
Color theory390
Color theory 390
Appendix D: Acronyms.395
Appendix E: Screw and retainer identification table.397
Screw and retainer identification table.397
Part number index.409
Part name index.415


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