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IBM Best Practices for Cloud Computing Adoption

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IBM Best Practices for Cloud Computing Adoption White Paper & Case Study

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Cloud  computing  models  offer  a  new  approach  for  IT  organizations  to  deliver 
business services to end users. It is a technology model that provides both flexible IT 
deployments and dynamic business agility. The model offers capacity on a pay-asyou-go basis. That is,  it  provides a method of  freeing and  uniting computing capacity
that had been isolated within business units . It makes system resources accessible to 
applications that span the entire organization. At its full potential, cloud computing can 
accelerate business innovation and transformation.
The adoption of cloud computing is best characterized as a journey that occurs over 
time  and  in  stages.  IDC  research  proposes  five  stages  of  cloud  maturity:  Ad  Hoc, 
Opportunistic,  Repeatable,  Managed,  and  Optimized.  Each  stage  requires  greater 
investment — not just from IT but from line-of-business (LOB) budgets throughout the 
organization  —  and  offers,  in  turn,  increasing  value.  Based  on  the  intensity  of 
business  drivers for cloud, organizations can advance to  successive levels of  cloud 
maturity at their own pace.


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