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HP HP LaserJet 5Si

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HP HP LaserJet 5Si Manuel de service

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HP LaserJet 5Si Service Manual
First edition, September 1997 Publication number c4077-90960

HP LaserJet 5Si (C3166A)
HP LaserJet 5Si MX (C3167A)
HP LaserJet 5Si NX (C3950A)
HP LaserJet 5Si HM (C3124A)
HP LaserJet 5Si Mopier (C4076A/C4077A/C4176A)

1 Product Information
Contains printer features and product overview, tray capacities and sizes, media specifications, service approach, and how to get technical assistance.

2 Site Requirements
Contains space and environmental requirements.

3 Operating Overview
Contains details about control panel menus, restoring factory defaults, and resetting and testing the printer.

4 Maintenance and Adjustments
Contains cleaning and preventive maintenance information, and adjustment procedures for Tray 2, Tray 3, and Tray 4.

5 Functional Overview
Contains block diagrams and basic theory of operation for the printer systems, paper paths, and paper handling accessories.

6 Removal and Replacement
Contains step-by-step procedures for replacing field replaceable units (FRUs) in the printer, 2000-Sheet Input Unit, Multi-Bin Mailbox, and the Mailbox with Stapler.

7 Troubleshooting
Contains a preliminary troubleshooting table, a table with descriptions and recommended actions for all control panel messages, image defect samples, and troubleshooting checks and tools.

8 Parts and Diagrams
Contains exploded view drawings and part number listings for all replaceable parts in the printer, 2000-Sheet Input Unit, Multi-Bin Mailbox, and Mailbox with Stapler.

A Parts Index
Contains two replaceable parts tables: one sorted alphabetically by part name, and one sorted numerically by part number. Both tables are cross referenced to the diagrams in Chapter 8.

B IO Information
Contains basic cabling and configuration information for connecting the printer to supported networks.

C Regulatory Information
Contains required safety and compliance statements.

Subject Index
Contains an alphabetical, cross referenced listing of information found in the main body of the manual.


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