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Brocade FastIron CLI

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Brocade FastIron CLI Guide de référence

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Brocade FastIron Command Reference
Supporting FastIron Software Release 08.0.20
P/N : 53-1003389-01
30 September 2014 324 pages

This document is the first release of the FastIron Command Reference.
In this initial release of the FastIron command reference, not all commands supported on the FastIron devices are represented. All new commands supported in the FastIron Release 08.0.20 are included. For new commands introduced since Release 08.0.01, the history table is shown. For legacy commands the history table is not shown unless an update has been added in recent releases.

This guide supports the following product families for FastIron release 08.0.20:
• FCX Series
• FastIron X Series (FSX 800 and FSX 1600)
• ICX 6610 Series
• ICX 6430 Series (ICX 6430, ICX 6430-C12)
• ICX 6450 Series (ICX 6450, ICX 6450-C12-PD)
• ICX 6650 Series
• ICX 7750 Series
• ICX 7450 Series

Document conventions..9
Text formatting conventions 9
Command syntax conventions 9
Notes, cautions, and warnings 10
Brocade resources 11
Contacting Brocade Technical Support..11
Document feedback. 12
About This Document 13
What's new in this document13
Supported hardware and software 13
Using the FastIron command-line interface15
Accessing the CLI. 15
Command modes..15
Command help16
Command completion. 16
Scroll control 17
Line editing commands 18
Searching and filtering command output18
Searching and filtering output at the --More-- prompt. 18
Searching and filtering show command output 19
Creating an alias for a CLI command..23
Configuration notes for creating a command alias23
Specifying stack-unit, slot number, and port number 24
Specifying a port on a modular device 24
Specifying a port on stackable devices . 24
Commands A - E.25
aaa authorization coa enable 25
aaa authorization coa ignore ..26
accept-mode 27
access-list enable accounting. 28
anycast-rp. 30
arp-internal-priority 32
authentication auth-default-vlan. 34
authentication auth-order 35
authentication disable-aging 36
authentication dos-protection 37
authentication fail-action 38
authentication filter-strict-security..39
authentication max-sessions40
authentication reauth-timeout..41
authentication source-guard-protection enable..42
authentication timeout-action 43
authentication voice-timeout-action . 44
auth-default-vlan. 45
auth-order dot1x mac-auth.47
auth-order mac-auth dot1x.48
bsr-candidate 49
clear access-list accounting 51
clear cable diagnostics tdr..52
clear dot1x sessions..53
clear dot1x statistics .54
clear dot1x-mka statistics55
clear ip mroute. 56
clear ip pim counters.57
clear ip pim hw-resource.58
clear ip pim rp-map 59
clear ip pimsm-snoop60
clear ipv6 mroute.61
clear ipv6 neighbor.62
clear ipv6 pim cache. 63
clear ipv6 pim counters 64
clear ipv6 pim hw-resource 65
clear ipv6 pim rp-map66
clear ipv6 pim traffic 67
clear ipv6 pimsm-snoop 68
clear ipv6 raguard . 69
clear macsec ethernet .70
clear mac-authentication sessions.71
clear notification-mac statistics 72
clear openflow .73
clear stack ipc 74
clear statistics openflow . 75
copy flash scp 77
copy running-config scp 79
copy scp flash 80
copy scp license..82
copy scp running-config 84
copy scp startup-config 86
copy startup-config scp 87
critical-vlan. 88
default-ports 89
dlb-internal-trunk-hash. 91
dot1x auth-filter 92
dot1x enable..93
dot1x guest-vlan..94
dot1x max-reauth-req ..95
dot1x-mka-enable 96
dot1x timeout 97
enable-mka. 100
errdisable packet-inerror-detect 101
Commands F - S 103
filter-strict-security enable 104
flow-control neg-on.105
force-up ethernet.106
hitless-failover enable 108
inline power 109
inline power install-firmware scp. 112
ip arp inspection validate.114
ip bootp-use-intf-ip. 115
ip dscp-remark 116
ip max-mroute 117
ip mroute. 118
ip mroute (next hop) 119
ip mroute next-hop-enable-default. 120
ip mroute next-hop-recursion 121
ip multicast disable-flooding 122
ip pcp-remark 123
ipv6 max-mroute. 124
ipv6 mroute 125
ipv6 mroute (next hop). 126
ipv6 mroute next-hop-enable-default 127
ipv6 mroute next-hop-recursion 128
ipv6 multicast disable-flooding. 129
ipv6 nd router-preference130
ipv6 nd skip-interface-ra..131
ipv6 neighbor inspection. 132
ipv6 neighbor inspection vlan133
ipv6 raguard policy 134
ipv6 raguard vlan 135
ipv6 raguard whitelist 136
ipv6-address auto-gen-link-local. 137
ipv6-neighbor inspection trust 138
key-server-priority 139
logging .140
loop-detection shutdown-disable 141
loop-detection-syslog-interval . 142
mac filter enable-accounting. 143
mac-auth auth-filter 144
mac-auth dot1x-override. 145
mac-auth enable. 146
mac-auth password-format 147
mac-auth password-override.148
mac-notification interval . 149
macsec cipher-suite 150
macsec confidentiality-offset. 151
macsec frame-validation. 152
macsec replay-protection 153
max-hw-age 154
maximum-preference 155
mka-cfg-group . 157
mstp instance 158
mstp scope.159
multicast pimsm-snooping prune-wait..160
openflow enable . 161
packet-inerror-detect. 162
pass-through. 163
phy cable diagnostics tdr.164
prefix-list ..165
priority 167
priority-flow-control enable..169
qos egress-buffer-profile 170
qos ingress-buffer-profile. 172
qos priority-to-pg 174
qos scheduler-profile..176
qos-internal-trunk-queue .179
radius-client coa host. 181
radius-client coa port .182
raguard .183
route-precedence admin-distance 187
rp-candidate 188
Show Commands.191
show cable-diagnostics tdr..191
show dlb-internal-trunk-hash..192
show dot1x ip-acl. 193
show dot1x mac-filter. 194
show dot1x sessions..195
show dot1x statistics 197
show dot1x-mka config. 199
show dot1x-mka config-group201
show dot1x-mka sessions203
show dot1x-mka statistics 206
show interface ethernet.207
show interfaces stack-ports.209
show ip mroute..211
show ip msdp mesh-group..213
show ip multicast group.215
show ip multicast mcache 217
show ip multicast optimization 219
show ip multicast pimsm-snooping. 220
show ip multicast vlan 221
show ip pimsm-snooping cache225
show ip static mroute. 227
show ipv6 mroute.228
show ipv6 multicast mcache 229
show ipv6 multicast group230
show ipv6 multicast mcache 232
show ipv6 multicast optimization ..233
show ipv6 multicast pimsm-snooping.234
show ipv6 multicast vlan 235
show ipv6 neighbor 236
show ipv6 pimsm-snooping cache 239
show ipv6 static mroute.241
show loop-detect no-shutdown-status 242
show mac-auth configuration. 243
show mac-auth ip-acl. 246
show mac-auth sessions..247
show mac-auth statistics..248
show macsec ethernet 249
show notification-mac251
show openflow. 252
show openflow controller.254
show openflow flows. 255
show openflow groups. 256
show openflow interfaces257
show openflow meters. 259
show packet-inerror-detect.261
show priority-flow-control 262
show qos egress-buffer-profile.263
show qos ingress-buffer-profile 264
show qos-internal-trunk-queue.265
show qos priority-to-pg.266
show qos-profiles 268
show qos scheduler-profile 269
show rmon..271
show span designated-protect. 276
show stack. 277
show stack connection. 279
show stack detail.280
show stack failover.282
show stack flash..283
show stack link-sync. 284
show stack neighbors285
show stack rel-ipc stats 286
show stack resource. 293
show stack stack-ports.294
show statistics l2-tunnel . 296
show statistics stack-ports. 297
Commands Sn - Z299
snmp-server enable traps mac-notification 299
spanning-tree designated-protect 300
stack disable. 301
stack enable 302
stack mac 303
stack-port 304
stack secure-setup. 305
stack stack-port-resiliency..306
stack suggested-id. 308
stack suppress-warning 309
stack switch-over.310
stack unconfigure 312
symmetrical-flow-control enable..316
system-max igmp-snoop-group-addr 317
system-max igmp-snoop-mcache 318
system-max mac-notification-buffer 319
system-max mld-snoop-group-addr 320
system-max mld-snoop-mcache. 321
use-v2-checksum 322
vxlan vlan 324


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