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Aruba ArubaOS 5.0 Command Line Interface

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Aruba ArubaOS 5.0 Command Line Interface Guide de référence

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ArubaOS 5.0 Command Line Interface Reference Guide
P/N : 1510658-01
Edition March 2010

The ArubaOS command line interface (CLI) allows you to configure and manage Aruba controllers. The CLI is accessible from a local console connected to the serial port on the controllers or through a Telnet or Secure Shell (SSH) session from a remote management console or workstation.

Telnet access is disabled by default on Aruba controllers. To enable Telnet access, enter the telnet cli command from a serial connection or an SSH session, or in the WebUI navigate to the Configuration > Management > General page.

This guide describes the ArubaOS command syntax. The commands in this guide are listed

The following information is provided for each command:
- Command Syntax—The complete syntax of the command.
- Description—A brief description of the command.
- Syntax—A description of the command parameters, including license requirements for specific parameters if needed. The applicable ranges and default values, if any, are also included.
- Usage Guidelines—Information to help you use the command, including: prerequisites, prohibitions, and related commands.
- Example—An example of how to use the command.
- Command History—The version of ArubaOS in which the command was first introduced.
Modifications and changes to the command are also noted
- Command Information—This table describes any licensing requirements, command modes and
platforms for which this command is applicable. For more information about available licenses, see
the “Software Licenses” chapter in the ArubaOS User Guide.


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