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Aruba ArubaOS 3.4.2 Quick Start

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Aruba ArubaOS 3.4.2 Quick Start Aide-mémoire

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ArubaOS 3.4.2 Quick Start Guide
P/N : 0510625-02
Edition December 2009

This document describes the initial setup of an Aruba user-centric network that consists of an Aruba controller and Aruba Access Points (APs). The installation consists of the following steps:
1. Run the Java-based RF Plan tool, version 2.0 or higher, to determine the number of APs required for
your site. Aruba’s RF Plan is an application that allows you to determine AP placement based on your specified coverage and capacity requirements without impacting the live network. When you receive your APs, enter the serial number for each AP into the RF Plan tool. Download the RF Plan tool and RF Plan Installation and User Guide from the Aruba
2. Use the Setup Wizard to configure the controller, install software licenses, and configure an internal
and a guest WLAN. For more information, see "Run the Startup Wizard" on page 1
3. Connect the controller to the wired network.
For more information, see "Connect the Controller to the Wired Network" on page 4
4. Ensure that the APs, when installed and powered on, will be able to locate and connect to the controller.
For more information, see "Ensure APs Can Connect to the Controller" on page 5
5. Define the mesh cluster profile, mesh radio profile, and provision the AP as a mesh portal or mesh point when deploying APs in a mesh networking environment.


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